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As requested by Ryan Q. North. Also, my final project in a music class. This is pretty self-explanatory. Have fun.

It uses samples that I don't own! I'm using them under Fair Use, and here's their origins and copyrights:
1. "And now for something completely different" - Monty Python's Flying Circus, © 1971 Python Productions Ltd
2. "Zhu Li, do the, uh... the thing!" - Legend of Korra, © 2012 Nickelodeon
3. Random sped-up song clip - In My Life by The Beatles, © 1965 Sony/ATV (or maybe Sir Paul McCartney by the time you read this; who knows how that's going)

Originally released 5/24/2015


He-he-hey, that's right, it's time to do some mother fuckin' programming

You finished all your code
But now it has to load
So you bust out a rhyme
Baby, it's compile time

Just like that funny comic that goes x k c d
It takes forever to read through man, do you feel me?
It would be nice if you coouuld have-a-little breaaak but,
Girl, it's full of syntax errors, and you're a pain glut

Maybe there's a language, somewhere out there
That isn't such a huge... burden to bear
Maybe it doesn't even need to compile
While those nerds are waiting, you're working all the while!

"And now for something completely different."

That's right
You all saw this co-ming
It's time to fight
Immutable strings
Programming language
Virtual machine
It's name is Python

The problem with Python is it's too slow
You'll still get to swordfight before you see it go
I'm so bored waiting, I think I'll go buy a guava
But, hey, at least it's better than Java

Oftentimes, the most popular thing
Is also the worst one of us
Java's about as fast as a snail, zing!
And as easy to program as C++

It's times like these when you look at other choices
And for this one, I've got a Scheme...
It's based on LISP, and it's so confusing,
You'll be like, "Zhu Li! Do the, uh... the thing!"

I mentioned it before, but this one's easier than Scheme
C++ really is the king
It's efficient, flexible; it puts on airs
And you won't get THAT many runtime errors

C++ Master Race

See, because, normally, you'd say "PC Master Race," or, you know, Nazis. But, this is C++. So... you gotta differentiate from the pack, you know? You know? *sigh* You don't know.





Jimi-James Santa Cruz, California

I want to make perfect music. Y'know, like Yoko Kanno.

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