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This is probably my favorite song on the entire album. I tried to remake Freestyle in 2 weeks or so, and ended up taking the entire 10-week quarter (yes, it was for class) just because of how much time I put into making the MIDI instruments (everything but the bass) sound human, and especially making all of the instruments play off each other and sound like a real band, even though it was all me doing them one at a time. And I think I hella pulled it off.

Fun fact: that tri-tone riff the bass keeps going back to, and ends the entire song on, was actually not written by me! It was taught to me by my college jazz teacher, Karlton Hester, as a bass line to use for Freedom Jazz Dance. I think he might've written it himself, or at least gotten it from somebody he knew, because I can't find a recorded version of Freedom Jazz Dance that uses this bass line.

And yes, that other riff was inspired by How Many More Times.





Jimi-James Santa Cruz, California

I want to make perfect music. Y'know, like Yoko Kanno.

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