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This song is just full of surprises.

Feat. live rain from the Great Santa Cruz Christmas 2014 Semi-Hurricane

Originally released 12/11/2014


I wanna do it all
I wanna do it all

When I'm watchin' all my favorite shows
I wonder what it's like to feel that glow
When you make something you're proud of
And show it to the world
And when I'm playin' games, havin' fun
Going through it on my own run
I want to make my own masterpiece
No matter how hard that it prob'ly will be

'Cause that's the price to do it all
I wanna do it all

Music, books, programs, vidya games
My tools of trade, how I play
And friends to help along the way
I may even get by someday
Renaissance man, jack of trades
But master of none, that's what they say
I say life's too long for that to be
And too short for me to doubt or worry

That's what it means to do it all
I wanna do it all





Jimi-James Santa Cruz, California

I want to make perfect music. Y'know, like Yoko Kanno.

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