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Originally released 8/17/2013
Re-written and re-recorded on 12/05/14


I love you
But I'm feeling blue
I'm not ready for this
So many
Plans left unfinished

I was once lost
Awful friends, awful boss
But when we met
I saw a future yet
Life was looking up
It was alright, alright
But what we have now, is a blight

I can't leave you
I can't leave this
I don't want to
I'm not allowed to

This is almost death
For me, in a way
I just wish I had time
To have my own say
I'm sorry and I
I hope you are, too
This is hell for me
But we can see it through

I won't betray you, I swear
I won't betray you
I won't betray you, I swear
This won't go straight to hell

Don't worry, I'm
Completely fine
Don't worry, I'm
Completely fine





Jimi-James Santa Cruz, California

I want to make perfect music. Y'know, like Yoko Kanno.

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